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Cheap vacations can be hard to plan, especially if you wish to go overseas. Airfares, accommodation, activities and modes of transport are all expensive, but there are some places that can offer you a good time for less money. The Australian Outback is one of these places. Once you find a good deal for airfares, the rest is easy.

Australia offers some of the best natural sites of the world, but the red centre is truly spectacular. The best thing is most of these sights come for only a small fee and make for the perfect cheap vacations. Highlights of this area include Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, and the Kings Canyon, a smaller, but still impressive, version of America’s Grand Canyon.

Uluru is easily accessible, located 17km away from the small town of Yulara. The sight of the massive red rock, which is two thirds underground, surrounded by red, dessert dirt, is truly amazing. Access to the lookouts and to the rock itself is given by purchasing a 3 day pass, which costs $25. Small cabins in Yulara are not expensive to rent, or tents are available for an even cheaper price.

The same can be said for accommodation at Kings Canyon where tents and cabins are both available. Transport to Kings Canyon can be by car or shuttle bus. The three day pass allows tourists access to the canyon, where a 7km hike is the best way to view it and take photos. The Australian Outback is truly a great place to visit for cheap vacations, giving you a taste of true Australian culture without leaving you broke.

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